Friday, January 27, 2006

Too busy to read a thanksgiving?

An Inspiring Email from Sister in Christ, When I most needed Jesus to embrace me:

Her Testimony:

Hey Godwyn

How have you been? I hope you are on top of your work now (You’re on my daily standard prayer list! That means you have a friend in me~). (=

I’ve been giving thanks for a particular thing and I want to share it with you because you’re related to it. I was backsliding during Christmas time until New Year in 2005. It was due to a person in my church whom I’d respected a lot but he became a bad example cos of something he did. It affected me quite a bit to the extent that my trust in God swayed. It happened during my exam period, so I conveniently used studying as an excuse to not attend my weekly Youth Fellowship meetings and action group (u’ll call it care group) meetings. I hung out with my close friends (non-believers) and they were like my support. I remember I was so far away from God that I couldn’t sing praises to Him, meaning every word in the lyrics. I just walked out of church straight after service, not wanting to fellowship with fellow believers.

Then God sent you in that phase that I was going through. I remember our godly chats and constant thanksgiving to God. For the first few times, I thought you are a ridiculous person to msn and keep praising God like that to me. I even thought it was a total waste of time. But somehow what you quoted about where two or three have come together in my name, God will be amongst us, really did bless the time that we talked about God’s goodness. I don’t know how and when, but I returned back to God and for a moment I felt Joy in my heart getting back with Him. God does things in the most amazing ways. I was thinking that He used you because I would be less repulsive to you than my other Christian leaders cos you’re a stranger. The sight of them coming up to me makes me wanted to run! It doesn’t matter how because He is God and has the best plan for all who calls him Father! Amen!?!

I am thankful that God did not let me wander off. My favourite Psalm when I am down is 139. It reminds me of who God is. I can run from Him but I can’t hide and He knows my every thoughts and every word that I utter under my breath. Someone told me that Psalms is the most beautiful book in the bible because of how descriptive and much resemblance it bears to ones life. I didn’t understand what she was saying… but I do now! (=

You know, my conservative church is skeptical of how modern churches worship. I was influenced to a certain extent but thank God I am starting to have a mind of my own, not like a child feeding on milk. It’s because of your great faith in God that I stepped out of my comfort zone to see the other side of the coin. (I visited your church with one of my sisters-in-Christ! heh.. finally.. After being warned many times to be careful about not being stumbled. * big grins *) I am telling you that you are a good example that convinced me that non-conservative Christians truly love God too! (= I am not embracing this new perspective of worship (not just the praising of God) and still have my reserves.. but the presence of the love for God is undeniable. I thank God that I did go to New Creation myself having to see what it really is like, rather than hearing so much about it and still wonder if it is true.

Look to Jesus and ride above the storm of work, of deceptive lies of the devil, of disappointments, of weariness, of trials etc.. Trusting in God is living out our faith. Amen?

My Words:

Dear Sister in Christ,

I am so bless to have you. You have brought me so much comfort after the dear loss of my beloved uncle and I had been deeply rooted myself with work to stay away the pain.

God had brought me many comfort during these 2 weeks of grief and I am so glad to know not only God is for me, all around me love me so much, the God we serve is a good God, Amen?! I had crossed quite a number of people on the net [through MSN] whom experience similar 'backsliding'. I boast not of how much I love God but how much God loves me!

HE is the one who is almighty and praise HIM that I was used to bring you back to our Father who loves us more than any in the World we live. Beyond the universe, the hell or Heaven! Your email means alot to me with every words like a sweet smelling aroma from Jesus.

I have a request, can I upload your email to my 'blog' as many will be inspired by your words and your testimony. I hope to share how the Lord will upheld His love in all circumstances of life. Many a time, we left the truth that HE is with us through eternal life and thought God is far away looking down from Heaven wondering how we are. In all to say, thank you for sharing and lifted my spirit to know I am upheld by His Love!


Godwyn Lim [Uploaded with blessing from Sister in Christ]

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Two great testimonies!
To God be the glory!