Saturday, September 03, 2005

Stairways to Heaven...

This Testimony shared by Sister Ann is simply amazing. Are you worrying about your family not receiving Salvation? Plagued by Constant Fear being separated by stairways to Heaven?
"Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me." John 14:6
I was in a period of time of consistent worries and fears concerning my family's salvation for number of years, as you see, I am now in Singapore and all my family members are in China, and I felt guilty when I didn't share the good news with them, I thought it is of my responsibility to get them saved. I could break down and cry suddenly worrying about them, I even told the Lord, what is the use that You saved me but not saving my family members.

O, how foolish I was until one day He really really spoke to me during one of my private time with Him. He spoke one sentence that cast all my worries out of my mind, (perfect love cast out fears) He said, "Don't you know that I love them MUCH MORE than you love them?" I was stunned in His presence, I was trembling when I heard my Abba's heart.

Yes, He personally loves them more than I do. I love them, but I am not omnipresent. He loves them, He can be right there they are, while they need help the most. It is not my hand that can extend back to China to save them out of their struggles but His.

Cut the story short, mom was saved last year while she was in Singapore in the span of 9 days, and she is coming here for a month soon. and from the conversations I have with my mom over phones, my dad is now more care-free for any reason that she doesn't know (BIG GRIN), and they even have conversation concerning Jesus and God a lot of times,(HALLELUJAH).

And God was telling me, don't even have an impression that you are saved, and they are not, called them the saved of the Lord, and see them worship in the church in the Spirit. It is impossible for you, but nothing is impossible for Me. And I was delivered from this area of fear of life ever since.

God is still faithfully working in the out and through my life. And I know you understand what I mean.

He is our pillar of cloud of strength when we are weak.

He is our pillar of fire to keep us warm.

He is our only solution for all our needs.

And guess what?

He is in action.. :)

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Ann said... more? Mom said her eyesight impovers alot while she is here with me. it has been years that she can not thrust the thread over the little hole of the needle, literally 10 years plus, but while she is here with me, when she sewing some of my clothing, she can easily do that. To me, I know, that is the annointing of God. God start to make my mom have personal encounters with Him more and more. I expect tons of miracles from her.