Saturday, August 06, 2005

Site Construction - New 'Features'

Dear Beloved Ones,
I am still kicking & Blessed, but been constructing some new elements to enhance the 'blog'.
Below are some of the new additions:
a. Testimonies & Music Appraise
- Decided to classify Testimonies on another page [Email me your testimonies to Praise God!]
- Monthly I explore new CDs [It's like a music review page]
b. Divine Blog
- Link Up some wonderful readings [Indulge with me in their wonderful 'blogs']
c. International Body of Christ
- Hyperlink of bodies of Christ [Check them out!]
D. Christ Gallery
- Posting Interesting Visuals [Bits & Pieces of Visuals I pick up from sites to share]
P:S Check out Sister Irene's Testimony, just completed! She revealed the power of Jesus!
Verse of the Day:
"The LORD is slow to anger & abundant in lovingkindness, forgiving iniquity & transgression..." Numbers 14:18

1 comment:

cybeRanger said...

Glad to see the new features..
May Abba Father grant you creative-inspired ideas to glorify Him.